Valerie Donaldson, M.D., Regenerative Physician. "Sanna is truly brilliant. As a medical doctor, who uses natural therapies before medications, I highly recommend Sanna Carapellotti, for patients who wish to explore emotional, mental, and spiritual elements that may be influencing a person’s ability to be well and stay well. The power of the mind is no secret. When one is enlightened, healing can occur with ease, on many levels."

Mark Wolynn, Director of Western Pennsylvania and Northern California Family Constellation Institute. "What makes Sanna so unique is her honest devotion and commitment to her clients. You can really feel her care. Everyone I have recommended to Sanna has benefitted immensely. Her compassion and calming presence create instant ease in those she treats. With great skill and knowledge, she can excavate to the core of an issue. Sanna helps her clients attain quick and lasting results."

Bonnie Budzowski, Credible Messages, Pittsburgh (with permission) "Sanna creates a safe, low stress place to address deep issues. She is an amazing guide to create positive life changes. She is well worth the investment. She is great!"

Dorothy McCall, PhD, Psychologist. "Sanna is a master at her work."

S. B., Behavioral Therapist: Thank you SO much, Sanna! I always have admired you, and it's clear to me that you embody what you teach others. I think the best therapists/healers have gone through their own journey as well.

John Lamana, Head Coach, Franciscan University Basketball Team: "The time our men's basketball program spent with Sanna was extremely fruitful. She was able to bring our student-athletes to a place mentally that none of them had experience before. After the first meeting, we had a new found confidence that lead to our best performance of the season. She provides us with techniques that we used during practice, pre-game talks, halftime talks and even during timeouts that proved to improve our focus and overall performance. I have had the opportunity to work with well known sport psychologists who charge very high prices for their time, and my experience with Sanna was so much more productive and beneficial! Sanna really understands how the human body and mind work together for optimal performance. Her program was an incredible experience and I would recommend Sanna to work with you or your program. I know I will have her work with my men's basketball team again next season!"

Edmund Nelson, Steeler Analyst, endorses Ultimate Sleep! "I usually think this stuff is hocus pocus, but I actually slept really well with Sanna's Ultimate Sleep program. It is very effective and calming. I slept well and felt rested. I don't hear it all the way through because I am sleeping soundly. I endorse Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition as a another tool to help improve athletic performance."

Jackie Herbien, NCTM, The Physically Perceptive Pianist Wksp., Pgh: "Sanna completely understands the 'inner game' of performers. With a few words, she guides us toward our potential, not only in our chosen career, but also as human beings."

Becky Auer, 6 Million Dollar Woman, No B.S. Marketing: "Hi Sanna….just wanted to let you know that in the last 10 min of our VIP meeting last night I started getting a migraine. I got wiped out! I left quickly and on the way home I listened to your old 10 min. relaxation audio since I had it synced on my iPhone. I will tell you that as I drove, I relaxed to your soothing voice and although it didn't totally go away, it was much better. Once I got home and changed I crawled into my bed and listened to it again. By the end, I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Headache was all but gone and I was able to enjoy my kids and them telling me about their second day of school. So, I just wanted to say thanks! And let you know that you really, really helped me relax and get rid of my migraine!"

Jacquie Algaier, Oncology Massage Therapist: "Sanna is a professional but also very compassionate and caring. She brings her expertise and knowledge and experience of psychotherapy and the warmth of her personality to the session. I left the experience with a better understanding of myself and the many facets of my life's journey that contribute to my anxiety. My self-awareness has given me increased confidence to address challenges and set goals for my future. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to work with Sanna both personally and professionally."

Konrad Mayr, Sabika, (with permission): "Thank you for the excellent session. Coming here, there is such an immediate result. You create so much change in one session that took six months in talk therapy."

Eileen Bielich, Best Version Media: "Sanna, Thank you for all your support and caring ways. YOU IMPROVE LIVES!"

Bethany Bengston, dancer: "Thank you Sanna; I appreciate your email! We've never met, but a former ballet teacher of mine at Atlanta Ballet recommended your guided CDs to me. I wanted you to know that your meditations single-handedly changed the way I performed as an athlete and a dancer, and even contributed to me getting into The Rock, Alvin Ailey and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. I am no longer dancing full time, but I have carried your lessons through my life as a student, as an occasional dancer, and now as a marketing professional in the entertainment world."


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