"No one could believe that I stopped drinking Mountain Dew! At every family function, they still buy it for me to tempt me. They were sabotaging me and in the habit of buying it for me, like you said would happen. After four get-togethers, they said, "You are really done with it!" Yes. I. Am.  Liz, OH.

Life Management and Weight Loss: "Thanks for this year! For the first time in my life, I can say I've met the perenniel goal of losing what was weighting me down. I am the only one who can change my life. What you have done is radically change the way I respond to, and live in, my life. All hail to you"! T.C., New Hampsire

Attended Party Mind Power class: "When I walked into the class, I could smell and taste the cookies sitting on the tray. I wanted to eat those cookies. After EFT, I couldn't smell the cookies and no longer had any desire to eat them. I have been around cookies and pie all weekend and haven't had any interest in eating them. It's amazing! I am FREE!"

"I'd also say the session taught me some simple, useful techniques that will help me to manage myself throughout the holidays. I'm so glad that I came. There definitely has been a shift. The next morning I woke up dreaming about what I'd experienced in the EFT session."

"Yesterday I baked cookies and I wasn't tempted to eat any. So, I tried one just to see what would happen and it didn't taste good. I didn't want it and threw it out. I didn't eat any cookies during the evening."

"The same thing happened today. We had a Thanksgiving dinner at church. I took a bite of pumpkin pie, just to see. Again, I didn't want it and threw it away. Amazing! I believe I am cured of that sweet craving. This will have such a huge impact on me. I feel so much more confident that I can succeed now. Thank you so very much!" M.J. Pgh

No More Ice Cream! "Ice cream put on over 25 lbs in the past months. I ate big bowls every night because it helped me deal with the traumas I experienced last year. In one session, Sanna helped me to settle the traumas and I have not touched Ice cream since that sessions. I am slowly losing weight. So far so good." L. D., Pgh

Family Table Work: "I was shocked - I was still acting this out as an adult! When my older brother died (I was 2 and he was three), I saw that my Mom would feel happy and smile when I ate more food. So I had made this decision and I have never articulated this, to eat for my brother, for me and to make Mom happy so she would not be sad. This was unbelievably transformative." Sue D., Monroeville, PA

Attended HypnoDining: "Your kind words are the encouragement I need. Just so you know, even though I fall back into my old routine of how I eat more often than I like, your words are always there pulling me back to eat to live and enjoy the experience! I say a little prayer of thanks for you each time this happens! Ilena, Pittsburgh, PA

Attended HypnoDining: "No more stress eating for me. I am happy to eat now." Susan M. Oakmont, PA

Private Eating Session: “Ah . . . I get it! I am feeling better and much more accepting. We had a family dinner today which was very nice - and best of all, no overeating! You've really helped me see things more clearly and have gotten me interested in exploring the areas of hypnosis, power affirmations and EFT. I'm starting to think differently in a good way! Again, many thanks for helping to open up my mind. You're right - I can heal this! “ J. M. Neil, Pittsburgh

Family Table Work: "I never realized how difficult it was to have a meal with my parents when I was little, but it was all right there. They fought and I ate. They bickered and I ate. Today when I feel angry I eat! It makes sense." Erin S., Cleveland.

Craving Buster Session: "I was addicted to Koolaid and Ho-Ho's. UGH! Now I am freeeeeee! LOVE YOUR WORK. It's so empowering." Denise, Pgh, PA

Attended HypnoDining: "After listening to Sanna’s talk (at Baldwin Women's Chamber Meeting) on Hypnodining, I decided to experience a session. I am not sure why I decided to do it since it would seem that eating is the most natural thing a person does and there is an abundance of information on healthy eating everywhere!

But I soon learned that I was completely unaware of how I was eating—too fast and too much, why I was eating, and what I was eating!

Sanna taught me to be conscious of my relationship with food. She taught me to consciously connect with the what, when, why, and how of eating. A little time, attention, and intention has made a world of difference in how I interact with food. Sanna’s style is highly encouraging and reflective. Sanna specializes is the art of nourishing the body, mind, and spirit. She made a difference for me." Dottie Coll, Pittsburgh, PA

Chocolate Bliss Meditation audio: "Sanna, I am still eating chocolate, but much, much less. I never tasted it before! I use Bliss once a week to keep me on track!" Terri M., Columbus, OH

Previous Stress Eater: "I stopped eating chocolate altogether. I just don't need it, especially when I realized why I was eating so much and thought I loved it. I feel better too!" Liz P., Pittsburgh, PA

"I love Blissing!" I bliss every day with one lovely square of chocolate!" Denise Moore, Morgantown, WVA

HypnoDining Attendee: "I want to thank you for your positive influence, support & education you are providing in my new life. I am so grateful that I met you & am so glad you are such an important part of my life." Beth, Pgh

Private Sessions: “I just wanted to acknowledge your work with me as putting me in a position to accept my current situation. I've used much of what came up in our work together and I look at those sessions as important touch points on my journey. I'm often talking to Thin Higher Tom and he's coming out more often without fear. This food plan feels like I'll really stick to it and I've never had that confidence before. In reality, I had made a lot of volume changes to my diet but I was still eating too much meat and fat I think. By getting in all of that fiber first I really am full so I do not feel deprived. Weight loss is probably the most complex challenge I've ever faced. It truly is an authentic journey for each of us and anyone path that works for some may not work for others. T. V.

Craving Buster Session: "Pepsi was killing me! I gained weight, had mood swings and my blood sugar was getting worse. Using EFT and hypnosis and Sanna's approach, I am done with it, tossed it, have not had one since 2007." Rachel D., Pittsburgh

HypnoDining: “I have actually gone done a size. THANKS!" Sandy Grimes

Weight Loss: Using stress reduction is the only way to do this weight loss thing. DIETS DON"T WORK! Losing weight this way kept me on track and confident. You get full service support. There is no other way!" Ron D., Pittsburgh

Private Session: "I plateaued for three days, after one session with you, Sanna, I started dropping again. THANK YOU! You also have a beautiful way with words." J. S. Pgh, PA

Private Sessions: "I went to see Dr. B. (PCP) for my yearly checkup this week and she was thrilled with the progress that I’d made. My glucose level is NORMAL. My T values are good. My cholesterol is where it should be and my blood pressure was at an all time low. She said “You never gave up” trying to lose the weight and now you have." She said I was working my way off of all of my meds. Best check up I’ve ever had!" MJS, Pittsburgh

HCG Weight Loss with Valerie Donaldson, MD: "I plateaued for three days, after one session with you, Sanna, I started dropping again. THANK YOU! You also have a beautiful way with words." L. D., Pgh, PA

HCG Weight Loss with Valerie Donaldson, MD: "When I decided to finally be committed to the HCG diet I didn’t realize how important one aspect of the diet would be. Sanna! Meeting with Sanna and her constant inspirational emails were a huge part of my success. I would print out her daily emails and put them on the fridge or in my journal. Sanna helped me realize that being accountable to me was the key to the success of my journey on the HCG diet. And that it didn’t stop when the last phase ended. That my REAL mission begins AFTER I reach my healthy desired weight and my lifelong maintenance phase. Sanna continues to send me motivational emails which are so important and makes me feel that she really cares about me and my continued success. Thanks, Sanna! You are Amazing!" M.A.C. Canonsburg

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