Emotional Freedom Technique (The Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique, known as "The Tapping," or EFT, is a highly-focused, evidence-supported approach for stress reduction whether it is for ease of physical discomfort, emotion distress, or managing a life challenge. It is also very helping for neutralizing trauma. From an EFT perspective, the human system is recognized as an electromagnetic energy field. Stress build tension or pressure within the system. Tapping releases the pressure and reconsitutes energetic flow. You can neutralize or de-activate any life stress or traumatic event, and experience the relief you seek.

EFT is a method for releasing the tensions and creating permanent change in how the mind-body are storing life events, whether it is considered traumatic or not. Eighty five (85%) percent of people experience quick relief, some within minutes, according to EFT creator, Gary Craig.

Developed by Gary Craig in the 1990's, EFT has gained steadily in popularity. Doctors, therapists, athletes, nurses, mom's and children are tapping their way to well-being and recognizing its' usefulness for any life circumstance. 

EFT is psychological acupressure. Tapping on acupressure points releases energy congestion, also called the piezo electric charge. These tensions are held in pressure points that run along the meridian lines located on the body. Stress of any kind creates this tension or static. These points can be tapped, rubbed, or held for seconds for relief.

Energy disruptions or area congestion are caused by the damaging effects of stress. At each correlating point are bundles of nerve endings that express the experience of the respective stress. A life stressor might have you experiencing obsessive thoughts, limited emotion, relationship difficulties, performance issues, weight challenges, phobias, imagery or mental pictures, and even physical discomfort and pain.

Not all points are equally affected and some may feel more sensitive than others during tapping, creating 'body rushes' and also triggering other emotions and memory.

When stress disrupts energy flow, you will feel it through breath changes, physical tension and mood changes. The activation of the points through tapping re-establishes energy flow in the body.

The situation feels different, or changed, within you, although the situation itself has not changed. You have establish a new language, different images or a greater sense of resolve relative to it.

"The cause of negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system." 
                                                                                                              Gary Craig, Originator of EFT

You can perform EFT anywhere, at any time and for any reason. I teach all my clients, adults and children, EFT because it is self- administered and always usable. All you need to know is how to use the technique, and your fingertips. Anyone can learn and use EFT successfully. I teach my clients how to optimize the use of EFT in their personal lives.

"Try EFT on anything." Gary Craig

With persistence you can see if EFT can work for your personal struggle. If you have minimal success, consider professional assistance. There are also processes and strategies within the basic recipe of E.F.T. for traumatic experiences and long standing struggles that are very effective and freeing.

INSIGHT: I learned the basic recipe for EFT 14 years ago, and then studied The Gold Standard processes. One day many years ago, I got creative. A client was involved in a childhood trauma and I instructed this adult client to walk into the traumatic event to comfort the child by tapping on her to relieve the languishing stress that had developed into a life long struggle. (This is a short description of a lengthy process.) The results were instantly life changing and they continued to expland in the weeks to come. As a practitioner, I discovered that EFT is unlimited in how I can apply it.

You can literally take the power into your own hands and "Tap, Tap, Tap," your way to a resolution. As you clear away the feeling of stress you experience new insights, discoveries, and solutions. 

Anna Tapping

EFT is easy to learn, and can be applied to most situations - physical, emotional, and mental. Even if a problem seems unyielding and overwhelming, you can apply EFT.

In my work with children I teach them how to use simplified versions of EFT when they feel upset, hurt or scared. Moms and dads are pleased to watch their children manage stress, to build confidence and to be more calm and peaceful.

Some helpful information about EFT:

This self-help tool neutralizes and reestablishes energy flow in the body's energy system. Trigger points located on meridian energy pathways run up and down the body. When the acupressure points are tapped, energy flow is reestablished similar to a short circuit in a live wire. If you are familiar with acupuncture, you know that there are pressure points all over the body that are associated with organs, physiologic systems, and emotions.

How E.F.T. works:
The human body is an electrical field. When stressed disruption occurs in the human body’s electrical system, it short circuits similar to the way a TV becomes static when there is an electrical problem. Eastern philosophies have studied this energy phenomenon for years. It can be described as “chi,” the body’s energy system, or “ki.” It is our life force and it circulates through our bodies until the physical body loses its life force or spirit because it dies.

works within the human energy system. Free flow of energy restores the broken pathways and the body/mind releases, thereby moving towards healing. EFT returns the shorted circuit to flow or “neutralization." The EFT Process involves tapping on various points throughout the body known to be related to various meridian systems, emotional and physical, while stating your problem and healing intention. EFT can also be used without words especially when someone is traumatized and perhaps, does not have the words to disclose the experience.

Thoughts and emotions have been shown to disrupt the chemical balances in the brain and Central Nervous System. There is a correlating physical response. When you tap on the skin, neuro-receptors under the fingers and under the place where the tapping is occurring relay an (electrical) impulse to the brain. Endorphins, the pleasure chemicals, and various neurotransmitters communicate to release into the body a calm and connectedness. Within each cell is an intelligence that understands these energetic connections. Cells respond to thought impressions, verbal suggestions and mental pictures.

The added component of verbalization (along with the tapping) communicates a focus and a healing intention. You state the problem and the desire. Acknowledgment of the problem speaks consciously and loudly to the body mind and messages for healing or release to occur. This synergy is a powerful one -- the words and the tapping. Being Mindful increases awareness and possible change.

EFT influences emotional and physical conditions and is worth the small effort for any ailment or struggle.

  • Performance stress
  • Grief
  • Abuse of all kinds
  • Self image problems
  • Weight management
  • Addictions
  • Trauma
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Phobias
  • Pain, headache
  • Anxiety and depression.

When the body and mind create a new flow of consciousness, a powerful healing power aligns naturally within the being. The individual literally becomes a conduit, or vehicle, for energy flow. Tapping and presence set the intention.

EFT combines the science of electricity, the intelligence of our biology and the power of consciousness to create a powerful change experience that has offered a pleasant surprise to many people.

EFT can be used with infants, children and adults -- "Try it for any situation, on anyone and for everything."

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