Previously Stressed Clients:

Posted on FB: "Gratitude & Appreciation Challenge, Day 1. Three things I'm grateful for today:  1) Sanna Carapellotti, whose work has completely transformed me -- inside and out. Thank you for helping me bring my pain to light, for believing in my ability to get well, and for helping me see everything I could be." Angela Brown, Coraopolis.

Timing is Everything: "Sanna, your work with me has been wonderful; I am fully integrated both internally and with my forefathers. I am finally free! It is amazing to me that I have been working on myself for 21 years and you helped me put everything into perspective in approximately five hours. I was really ready for you. I am very happy and expecting great things from myself in the future. I am also very grateful to you and your work. Take care of yourself, God bless you and yours, and I will keep you posted!" W., Pgh, PA

Family Stress Relieved: "Thank you for the work you have done with our family. What you do is a true gift!" R. B., Pgh.

Burden of Early Life Trauma Released: "You have really worked your magic on my mother! She is like her old self again. Thanks for doing a great job with her! She is more positive and upbeat!" Eileen, Pgh.

Life Stress Reduced: "I honestly haven't felt urges of jealousy and the cigarette cravings have been minimal to none. When I left I just remember driving home and visibly noticing how much brighter everything looked to me, it was almost like a film was taken off of my eyes and weight off of my shoulders. I also felt like I had hidden answers to a lot of questions from my past and present.

I had called my mom when I left your home, she didn't know previously that I had an appointment with you that Monday, but after I told her what happened she said it was really strange because that Sunday night before my appt. she was thinking a lot about my nanny and how she doesn't like to go there because she cries a lot. So much has happened!" R. E., Pgh

Understanding Personal Illness: "I'm still so blown away by last session, still absorbing & much made sense. I'm running subconscious programs of being unwell, or somehow not allowing my optimal health. It dawned on me that I recalled a session addressing pneumonia when I was a baby & looking back I see how much I was trying to 'check out,' even back then, only being a month old. I really want to keep working with you. Much love & hugs to you. You are so amazing & the work I do with you is sooo eye-opening & profound." E. F., Pgh

Morning stress: "I was feeling super stressed out this morning,  and simply had to picture your face and hear your soothing voice to help me get through it. What a talent you have!" Jennifer F., Pgh

Life Stress: "Hi Sanna, T. asked me to send along his thanks (for his  Lead-Session). He was "very happy" about his session with you yesterday. WOW! Sanna, you have no idea what a miracle that is all by itself…ha ha ha! He seemed much lighter after the session. He said he fell asleep quickly last night, but was up and down as usual. I asked him if he used your CD and he said no, but he would try it tonight. Thank you for being who you are in the world!"  A.B. Pgh.

Family Stress: "We finally had a wonderful family conversation this afternoon at 5:00.  All is fantastic..... I can’t thank you enough." G., Pgh

No More Xanax: "I had two sessions with Sanna. Through her work, she improved my stress level tremondously. I am very focused and have become positive in all that I do. I have a sense of self professionally that I am almost 'invincable' in what I am capable of accomplishing. I project self-confidence and positive energy. I used to take Zanax prescription for anxiety and I no longer need it." E. B., Pittsburgh, PA (Sanna offers no medical or medication advise.)

Life Stress: "I made the decision to leave my job just a few days ago. No fear or resistance. Just a quiet voice:  "Okay. You're done here." I can't tell you how grateful I am for you, Sanna. I couldn't have done any of this without your guidance. I wake up in the morning smiling and completely free of fear and anxiety and stress. I can't even wrap my head around that. The energy work and EFT that you and I did was so critical to my healing. I feel compelled to share it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a blessing in my life, Sanna. I'm overflowing with joy today! :)  A., Pittsburgh

Grief:  "After my husband's sudden death, I lost all faith. Sanna tuned into my masked depression and gently conspired to move me out of a very dark hole. Sanna had a charming way of finding things I could grab onto to survive. Bless you always."  S.G., VA
Parenting Assistance: "Thank you so much for your profound insights and help, P. and I have really enjoyed our time with you." Laurie, Pittsburgh
PTSD resolved: "But because of you, and the other blessings in my life, I have faith and hope that my "inherited" suffering is all but over.  I now understand so much more about who I am, why I am, and the way that I am that life is full of joy and promise for me now.  I am so much better today than the day I first met you.  Way too many "I am's" in there! So please, you have wonderful day knowing that you have made the world a better place for one once lost soul."  J.M., Pgh

Marital Imaging: "This one session has been the biggest breakthrough we have ever had in all the years of doing couples work. We cannot thank you enough."  K and C, Pgh.

Long standing life stress: "I wanted to let you know that I have been feeling much better and have been more at peace with myself. Now that I consciously realize what was causing me so much pain has really helped me to have more of a handle on things. I have been working on meditation and self affirmations like we talked about. I have not had any problems with overdrinking. I wanted to let you know that my sister noticed a difference in me the day I came back from my appointment with you. She said she felt like before she couldn't get close to me like I was keeping myself at a distance from truly befriending her. I had no idea she felt this way and I hadn't changed anything about the way we communicate. But I think that the change she noticed was in my energy. This made me feel really good. I was wondering if you could give my contact information to the gals who you suggested I speak with in the field of nutrition. I could use some suggestions in finding the right path with the proper education. Thanks so much for your help, Sanna."  E.R., PA

Life changes: "I wanted to let you know that I am leaving my current job and I find myself once again using the anchor that we established to help me through my brain surgery to “let go of” the stress! Especially trying to get pregnant, I am trying to let go of all stress I can. For work stress, I’ve used that anchor over the years but it’s been really prevalent for me as I am finishing my last week at my current job. I just thought you’d like to know that over five years later the stress-resiliency techniques we established are still valuable!!? " N.T., Pgh

Stress: "I'm doing pretty well. I've been walking a lot and using my breathing and K 27 techniques. If you can send me the downloads that would be great. You helped me so much. Thank you! Can you send me a few business cards? I have a few friends I'd like to send your way." K., Pgh

Family dealing with anorexia: "You have made me whole again and my family happier." S.M. Pittsburgh (in progress)

Childhood abuse issues: "Alchemy isn't any ordinary hypnosis! I was blown away!"  S W., Atlanta

Child with anxiety: “I can't thank you enough for what you did for my son yesterday!  I cried last night after he was in bed.  You've done more for him in one night then his therapist in 5 weeks.  Very powerful." L. M., Pittsburgh

Personal stress: “I am really pleased with our session.  I am feeling much calmer and more confident.  I know I will be facing a great deal...yet I will be able to deal with what comes.  Take care and you are a blessing!” J. R. F., May 2009

Money issues: “The real definition of wealth is well-being :-) That's me! And so it flows...” Thanks, D. G. Pittsburgh

Corporate stress: “Mommism no longer bothers me – I’m not sensitive to it anymore.  It’s like you removed the emotion from it so that I can see it from a different intensity level.” R. L. Pittsburgh

Smoking termination: “You can certainly use me as a testimonial. I will certainly say good things about you.  After all, it has been since Monday at 6:30 AM since my last smoke. (2 years ago) Plus, I was impressed that you picked me up at the T-station.  Excellent customer service!”  Mike Nimec, Ex-Smoker (with permission)

Family stress: "Our family is happier and I have you to thank. I was really stuck and scared. Wow. Thank YOU!" L. S., Pittsburgh

Family stress: “Thank you for being there for me in just the ways you were.  I kept thinking about how gifted you are the day we worked together.  I appreciated your intuition and your “for-ness” of me.  It’s obvious you are called to working with people!”   E. A., Atlanta

Long standing life struggle: "My life is changed and it grew within me just like you suggested 'it could.' L.C., Cleveland

Work stress:  "Hi Sanna, I am very pleased to inform you that as you told me would be the case, _____ (boss) has changed his
behavior towards me. It is amazing how that time with you has reversed all of the negative emotions and physical stress that placed on my body.Thank you for the committment and effort you made to make my life so much better!" E. B., Pgh 

Family stress: "Sanna, you really helped put me at ease tonight and I have not felt like that in...a long time. Thank you for your understanding." After a 5 min phone call. S. R., Pgh

Life stress: "Wow, I got more done in one session than 6 months with three different therapists who started dumping their stuff on me in MY session. See you again!" T. W., Pgh  

Testing fears gone:  "I missed two answers on the LSAT's. Yes, I did. Thank you. I still use the techniques you taught me because I am in law school now. I have a lot of reading to do". S.D., Pgh

Academic stress: "S. got a 100 on a math test this week!" (she was flunking math)." M.M., Pgh

LSAT prep: "Thanks again for your good work yesterday. Worked hard last night, and then I woke up with a good solid view of how best to tackle the practice test. I was able to come back and focus. Aced all of the questions I tried, too." T. C., Pgh

Executive stress: "Thanks! That one session with you did a lot for me. My life has completely changed. Thank you for that!"  Jill, Pgh

Eating stress:  "Alex (age 9) is doing great! He is eating normally. No nausea and not a single anxiety attack since the tapping and the session with you. I'm totally blown away!"  A.B.,  Pgh

Body stress: "Sanna is so insightful and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives."  Living Social client left anonymously

Executive stress: "Hi Sanna. I am working on my inner child. Here is what I did: Decorated three trees, watch Christmass cartoons, colored and kid movies! I am happy and feeling soooo much better!" L. M., CEO, Pittsburgh

Bladder control:  "Sanna worked a miracle. No exaggeration."  Living Social client left anonymously

Adult trauma: "My life was a mess. I had more symptoms than you could imagine. Now I can breathe. It was not easy feat, but I knew Sanna was with me every step of the way. She went out of her way to help me."  B. K., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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