Here's How We Can Work Together

I offer a wide range of complimentary services to help you become familiar with my work and decide what you need to help yourself.  From in-person sessions to FaceBook LIVES or a call-in program, you can find your way to heal with new perspectives, cutting-edge energy psychology techniques, and developing an action plan for progressive self-healing.

First Steps:

Prior to meeting with me for a private session, there are several ways to get a sense of the work I do and if I can be helpful to you. You can talk to me, call in anonymously to a call-in program or connect with me on Facebook or my weekly newsletter.


  • Sign up on the banner at the top of any web page for insightful, provocative insights. You will receive it in your inbox every Monday.

FaceBook LIVES

  • Every Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST I offer a 10 - 20-minute Facebook LIVE. You are welcome to join me. LIKE MY PAGE to read insights, memes, listen to programs, etc. Already recorded event topics include:
    1. The Hurt of Giving TOO Much
    2. How We Are Programmed Prior to Conception
    3. Potentize Gratitude Cellular
    4. Tips on Junk Food Consumption,
    5. How We Get Stuck, and more.


  • Schedule your 15-minute DISCOVERY CALL through an online scheduling service. I will receive an email that you signed up and then, we will talk.
  • The other option is to call my office at 412.344.2272. Leave a voicemail and I will return your call same business day.


I invite you to a monthly ASK SANNA ANYTHING CALL. This call occurs every third Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST. For about 15 - 30 minutes I will respond to questions submitted to me through this webpage. This is an audio-only call. 

  • Sign-up here to ask your question or listen to my responses to questions callers have submitted. You will receive the call-in information. I begin promptly at 8:00 pm EST and stop by 8:30 or when all the questions are answered. It varies from month to month.
Private Services

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