The Empowered for Surgery Audio Program

The Empowered for Surgery Audio Program is designed to reduce stress for surgery. It is well-documented that anxiety and fear interfere with pre- and post-operative experiences, delaying recovery, and healing.

In recent years, hospitals have discontinued educational programs for patients who are scheduled for surgery. Anxieties and patient concerns are rarely discussed and often dismissed. Research at Harvard and Stanford Universities revealed the following benefits of mental preparation for surgery ==>

  • Faster return to routines
  • Fewer medications
  • Greater confidence and esteem in the process
  • Improved recovery
  • Faster incision healing
  • Greater tolerance for pain and medical mishaps
  • Overall improved outcomes

This audio program makes it easy for you to achieve the best possible surgical outcomes. All you have to do is lay back and listen to relaxing binaural beat music and my soothing, healing voice.

Empowered for Surgery audio tracks:

This program is professionally mastered, MP3 formatted, and uploadable to any device.

  1. Empowered for Surgery: Brief description of the program.
  2. Achieving Optimal Results: Discusses why stress reduction is important.
  3. The Power of Love: Imagery to gather loved ones, so you are never alone.
  4. Empowered for Surgery: Premier track for mind-body communication.
  5. Relax the Body: This body scan helps to release body tension and relax
  6. Incision Healing: Use this program daily to speed incision healing.
  7. Recover Strong: Strengthens the recovery process.
  8. Time to Sleep All Night: Listen to this MP3 at Bedtime for restorative sleep.
  9. BONUS: The Healing Heart: A beautiful guided healing process.

COST: $77.00 + tax for download;

Purchase Instructions:

You have several options -

  • Click on the PayPal link and follow instructions.
  • Mail a check to Sanna Carapellotti (43 Hoodridge Dr, Pittsburgh, Pa 15228)
  • You will receive a folder from DROPBOX with program files that can be uploaded to any device.

"Sanna, my surgery went as smoothly as possible and I was in surgery for less time than anticipated. My recovery was easy too! I listened to your programs several times a day and each time I felt better and better. I am no longer terrified about going to surgery if needed." D.H., PA

How to Listen to This Program:

Use this program before and after surgery, and with medical clearance, during the surgery itself.

  • USE HEADPHONES if possible for optimal effect.
  • Bring your device to the hospital and instruct your advocate to turn it on as soon as possible after surgery.
  • Before surgery ==>  Listen to Power of Loving, Empowered for Surgery, Relax the Body, The Healing Heart, and Time to Sleep All Night
  • After surgery ==> Continue listening to Empowered for Surgery and Time to Sleep All Night, add Incision Healing, Recover Strong.

If you have any questions or want additional services, contact me (Sanna Carapellotti) directly at 412.344.2272. Thank you! I wish you potent healing and a speedy recovery.

Sanna Carapellotti, M.S., Cht


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