How's Your Day Going?

It's 9:00 am and already you feel the stress rising. The kids were demanding at breakfast and now you are late for work, and then, there was an accident on the freeway. The pushes and pulls at home and work are making you crazy. You didn't sleep last night either and cannot believe you left the report on your desk at home.

You look over at the park and see a woman sitting under a tree sipping a morning coffee. You dream of a leisurely morning, on the beach. Although a peace-filled quiet morning feels like an impossibility, you notice that after imagining such a morning you feel a bit calmer.

Someone honks the horn and then back you are to the stress you were feeling.

Although it is beneficial to daydream, reducing stress is much more than relaxation or wish-fulfillment.

What if you had tools and skills to manage yourself when the world feels wildly out of control?

Stress is a Quiet Killer

The world is unpredictable, however, your reaction might be predictable. You have the same reactions with the same thoughts that bring up the same emotions and feelings over and over again. 

Stress is perceptual, so is recovery, and there is a subconscious component to it because when emotional patterns are repeated and have value and meaning to us, we tend to repeat them creating neuro-patterns.

The reign of terror in the thoughts you have, the upset the body feels, and the perceived loss of control are likened to an acid drip through the body.

Here are some statistics from the American Institue of Stress:

  • Health care, low productivity, and missed work costs, employers, $300 billion dollars each year.
  • 70 - 80% of people have physical and psychological stress symptoms daily.
  • Up to 90% of doctors visits are stress related.
  • Stressed individuals are 4 times at-risk for a heart attack than a nonstressed person.
  • Stressed out people live less happy, forgo their dreams, and can die younger.


Relaxation Is Not Enough

We believe that a vacation will help us find peace. We tell ourselves that WE NEED TO GET AWAY. We’ll relax at the beach, rest up, and listen to the waves wash the shoreline.

Although relaxation is important, coherence is not established. You might reduce the heart rate and breathe a little easier, and catch up on your reading but stress patterns are imprinted into heart rate variability, the brain and nervous system. 

Relaxation does not create or sustain coherence nor does it reset the heart rhythms, which set the pace for the rhythms and pulses in the rest of the body.

Have Hope Because There Are Solutions

The HeartMath Institute is a research organization that studies psychophysiological effects of stress, heart-brain-nervous system communications and emotions. They have taken stress reduction to heart discovering an extraordinary reciprocal relationship between heart intelligence and higher cognitive functioning. (Childre, Doc, Transforming Anger, Raincoast Books, 2003, p. 25)

According to HeartMath, negative emotions create jagged and disordered heart rhythms which increase emotional distress. When people learn to generate balanced coherent heart rhythms they are far more balanced emotionally and in harmony. HearthMath gives you the skills to understand what is happening in the body and how you can take charge through skill building, tools, and empowerment. (Childre, Doc, Transforming Anger, Raincoast Books, 2003, p. 25)


How I Help Using Heartmath Solutions

As a HeartMath Coach, I teach practical solutions to lower everyday stress and to manage unexpected life shocks. Based on the research done by HeartMath Institute, when the heart and brain are synchronistic, you will increase, creativity, coherence, intuitiveness, clarity, and discernment.

Your personal solutions become available.

The processes and strategies are easy to apply, wherever you are and the tools you learn are effective immediately because you will feel the stress melt away. You quickly feel harmonious and calmer.



Private Sessions and Classes to:
  • Learn Brain-Heart Coherence
  • Manage Stress
  • Increase Resilience
  • Be More Productive
  • Increase Connections with Others
  • Increase Calm and Ease
Services, Classes and Products
  • Private coaching and classes
  • Family and group classes
  • Corporate education
  • Neutraceuticals for stress reduction
  • doTerra essential oils
  • Audios for Stress Reduction
What Others Say:

Comcast: “Sanna, your work with my sales management team at our retreat was game-changing. You inspired us. You challenged us to think differently. You allowed us to release our stresses and emerge with a new mindset. You are an amazing person!" Rebecca Lamperski, National Executive.

Oglebay Wellness Retreat: "Thank you for joining us! Having your here with us was so much fun, but also brought an amazing layer to the retreat that was unmatched. I'm so grateful for you and the things to come. I can never look at pistachio ice cream the same again!" Stephanie Wharton, Director, Wellness Retreat at Oglebay Resort

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