The Time To Lose Weight is Now!


Time To Lose Weight is a complete mental conditioning program for weight loss, clearing the inner conflict of the up and downs of weight loss, and more, so you can start with a clean slate.

As you begin building your strength with Absolute Stress Reduction and resolving your issues with Resolving Inner Conflict audio, reducing stress gives you more charge over your body, food intake, and lifestyle decisions. 

I highly recommend that you listen to Absolute Stress Reduction for one to two weeks before making any changes in behaviors or diet. EVERY CLIENT who reluctantly followed my advice because they wanted to lose weight fast, (HINT) was surprised at the results for three reasons:

1. They didn't believe stress was related to weight gain and bad habits.

2. Their lives and bodies started to change without a direct focus on weight loss.       

3. They learned how powerful the mind is. DISCIPLINE IS DELICIOUS! 



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Time to Lose Weight CDs (mp3 format), 12 tracks for only $27, plus 10.50 for shipping. Everything you need to compliment your weight loss lifestyle.


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12 audio tracks: Each track has its purpose and value. As you read through the recommendations you will discover that you can select audio based on what you need or how you feel each day. As you get familiar with the program and grow accustomed to hearing my soothing voice, you begin to relax and trust your inner guidance.

Each audio also has a length of time listed so you can make the best selection based on what you need and how much time you have. IMPORTANT: Do not forgo listening to TTLW, especially in the early stages of reprogramming. Continually feed yourself with powerful suggestions for change to get the greatest benefit.

Here are examples of how to use the various tracks.

Example: You are not sleeping: Listen to 10 Quiet Moments during the day and The Sleep CD at night.

Example: You eat too fast: Listen to Absolute Stress Reduction and Eating Lessons.

Example: You have a big day tomorrow and feel worried because they usually serve lots of pastries at this meeting.  Listen to Evening Reflections followed by I AM My Divine and Dawning Aspirations in the morning.

Man with headphonesHow to Listen to Guided Audios:

Get comfortable: Sit back in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Uncross arms and legs. Loosen tight clothing.

Inform family that you may not be bothered for the time period you have set aside. Put pets in another room. Turn off cell phones and notification beeps, rings and sound effects. Close the door and dim the lights.

CDs: These mp3 professionally mastered recordings can be uploaded to most electronic devices. Use headphones.

Stay Clear: Decide what you want to accomplish today based on how you feel and select the audio. Write in a journal that you keep for this processing experience. Journal noting is very helpful in creating lifestyle changes.

Clients who follow the recommendations report being less reactive to daily stresses, having improved sleep, reduced stress eating, and increased productivity, feeling happier, and experiencing overall enjoyment of life. 

Purchase Time to Lose Weight CDs Now! Only 8 left!
WHY SO CHEAP? I am discontinuing the production of CDs!

Time to Lose Weight CDs, 12 tracks for only $27, plus 10.50 for shipping. These CDs are mp3 format so you can upload them to any device or use an updated CD player.


Quantity: x $27.00    
1. Absolute Stress Reduction

Ready to anti-age your body?

Time; 27:04

Absolute Stress Reduction (ASR) is the pinnacle program of Time to Lose Weight program. ASR peels away accumulated stress and daily tension and literally changes your inner ecology. Learn stress techniques through this penetrating relaxation experience. Every calming breath you take releases anti-aging hormones and chemicals into your bloodstream and helps you stop the fat storage cycle.

Recommendation: Listen to Absolute Stress Reduction for 7 - 14 days prior to beginning any other weight loss tracks. Depending on how stressed you are normally, you will notice when you can go on to the next audio.

Best time to Listen: When you have thirty minutes of undisturbed time. If you listen to this audio at bedtime, it may deepen sleep. Take the time to listen to this program every day and then as needed.

2. Inner Conflict Resolution

Uniting those Battling Inner Voices.

Time: 17:42

Ever feel like you have a fight going on inside yourself? This inner conflict or self-sabotage has value and holds power over the decisions you make in your life. This audio can assist you in aligning your inner parts so you turn toward what you want united, without the fight! 

Recommendations: Listen as needed.

Best Time to Listen: When you feel mentally conflicted or feel stuck.

3. Shaping from Within

Who else wants to redefine their mind for Vibrant Health and have sizzling mind control?

Time: 26:42

This pinnacle audio reprograms your mind for success and develops a keen sense of subconscious knowledge. The powerful suggestions get stronger every time you listen. They literally become a part of your thoughts! Imagine your own mental buffet and you find yourself behaving deliciously disciplined. Your true authentic power is available to you everytime you listen!

Recommendations: Listen to this audio when you want a deep, mind changing experience.

Best Time to Listen: Anytime you want to relax. Listen with headphones for best results.

4. 10 Quiet Moments

Ready for a Quickie?

Time: 10:00

This audio offers a daily boost and inspiration from your deep mind. These messages nudge you with powerful directives. If you have a rushed day or need to regroup, use this 10 Quiet Moments as a retreat. You'll return to your day happier and calmer.

Recommendation: Use 10 Quiet Moments to relax prior to I am My Divine affirmations when you want to recharge.

Best Time to Listen: As needed. Can be used as a nap or stress reducer when you do not have time to listen to Absolute Stress Reduction.

5. I Am My Divine Affirmations

Who Wants To Be Empowered?

Time: 12:58

These soft grounding expressions whisper into the subconscious to inspire you with powerful words and thoughts that become your thoughts, your beliefs. This audio re-minds for weight loss. Listen to these affirmations when you are relaxed and they will integrate faster.

Recommendations:  When you want a refreshing boost or re-minder.

Best Time To Listen: After 10 Quiet Moments or in the car.

6. Dawning Aspirations

Who Else Wants Every Day Clarity?

Time: 9:36

Imagine stepping into your day filled with confidence and strength of clarity! You'll focus in on your power points, transitions and hot spots that are different each day. Awaken to the power of self-affirmation and gratitude!

Recommendation: Listen for a few mornings to get acquainted with the process and then you can do it on your own. (This is one of my favorites)

Best Time To Listen: This is a lighter state of mind. You can listen while getting dressed or lazing in bed.

7. Evening Reflections

How About Slipping into the Evening with Inspiration!

Time: 9:09

Each moment of every day you make pivotal decisions; some of which are very powerful. Take the last nine minutes before you go to sleep and embrace precious moments when you acted on behalf of yourself that day. Slip into the night with your gold!

Recommendation: Listen in the evening before bedtime. When you slip into bed, take positivity to sleep.

Best Time to Listen: In the evening hours or at bedtime.

8. A Planned Approach for Eating

Eat for Wellness!

Time:  2:39

Hearing commentary on the value of how you eat turns you toward the table in peace This introduction will offer some insight into the issues at hand and how slow eating benefits you. You can cut calories, ease stomach discomfort, and stop the vicious stress cycle, to name a few.

Recommendation: Listen once or twice for a good re-minder.

Best Time to Listen: When you are chopping fresh vegetables! Anytime!!!

9. Eating Lessons

Been told to S-L-O-W down when you eat?

Time: 21:37

Eating Lessons returns you to the table loving food and eating again. You will learn how to reduce calorie intake with this one deceptively powerful technique, feel happy to eat, and reduce stress eating. The strong suggestions guide you to feel energized before, during, and after you eat.

Recommendation: Listen regularly until you have slowed down for at least one meal or snack. S-L-O-W eating takes repetitive practice.

Best Time to Listen: Anytime...

10. A Mind for Sleep

Sleep Does Matter to your Health and Weight Loss

Time: 6:35

The relevance of sleep to health and wellbeing is very well established in medical literature. Learn how you can reshape your sleep habits. This discussion offers tips and information.

Recommendation: Listen to this audio at least once.

Best Time to Listen: When you are involved in a little hands-on project!

11. The Sound of Sleep

Slip Off into a Deep, Restorative Sleep!

Time: 31:33

A restorative night's sleep is a requirement for health and well being, and for weight loss. This audio lulls you to sleep with my soft words, powerful language, and comforting images. No worries, most people fall asleep a few minutes into the program. Just listen and sleep...

Recommendation: Anytime you have trouble sleeping or want to sleep better.

The Best Time to Listen: When you are in bed and ready to go to sleep.

12. Chocolate Bliss Meditation

Want to Enjoy Your Bites of Chocolate?

Time: 21:54

We all want chocolate, but eat too much and you will feel the effects. What if you could enjoy chocolate with a deep mind approach? Listen to the audio and eat chocolate. Promise?

Yes, you can love chocolate all over again - One melty bite at a time!  

Recommendation: Listen as needed during the reconditioning process so you enjoy chocolate without the guilt!

Best Time to Listen: Any time you 'want' or have the urge for chocolate. You can also drop peppermint essential oils into your mouth to stave off a craving., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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