Yoga connects the practitioner to the four aspects of self: body, mind, heart, and spirit. We learn to honor the body as it is and how it has been shaped, meaning that the yoga asana (pose) begins where you are in the fluidity of the moment. To accommodate this flow, you are guided with options by which you enter a pose, including props, the wall, or the floor. There is always a movement toward full expression.

Each practice is a carefully designed experience that includes centering, mediation, asanas, relaxation, and education. We use props, such as blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, chairs, the wall, and the floor. I teach a variety of yoga styles, including yin, core work, breathing techniques, and guided body experiences for relaxation and empowerment. My energy psychology professional work enables me to teach easy-to-learn self-healing techniques too.


Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is researched in peer-reviewed journals to assist with PTSD, trauma, anxiety, and stress. Although this class is not focused on trauma healing, I offer private sessions for trauma survivors, athletes, and anyone interested in finetuning their practice.

Benefits include:  Increase grace and improve posture, increase pain tolerance, reduce blood pressure, improve the immune system, improve balance, ease stress and tension, and improve flexibility. Some benefits are unique to the individual, such as building self-confidence.


Living Yoga

I started practicing yoga in the 1980s and had a frivolous on and off practice for many years. After committing to a yoga practice in the early 2000s, I decided to take the 200-hour teacher training at the Himalayan Institute: Center for Yoga and Meditation to improve my understanding and overall competency.

As a certified hatha yoga and meditation instructor, my specialty is working with emerging yogis, teaching Hatha 1 classes, and facilitating private sessions. I also integrate yoga, breathwork, and meditation in my energy psychology professional work.

Having the knowledge of yoga and its effectiveness in healing trauma and anxiety added another dimension to my work. Reclaiming the body through mindfulness, transformation, and breathwork heals more rapidly.

Hatha 1 Yoga (ZOOM) In-Home Studio
Monday, 6:45 - 7:30 pm; Thursday, 6:45 - 7:15

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Sanna's Yogis Say ==>

“Sanna taught me yoga over SKYPE because I live in Florida. We worked together for 5 months doing yoga and her Core Healing Initiative... and I made it to Nationals in May! What you don't know is that I was in bed with sciatica in January when we met. I was down and depressed. It was my 5th year. We did it! THANK YOU for helping me achieve crowning moments in my life.” David Shepherd, Pole Vault State Champion, UCF State.

"If I can do it, anyone can do it!" Jon Rogers, OH

“I attended Sanna's yoga classes for months and was very impressed by her knowledge and ability to make the instructions precise and easy to follow. Her class was very informative and enjoyable.” Donna Garlitz, Pgh.

“Sanna’s classes changed my life. I can breathe better. I am so grateful to her kind and knowledgable direction. She has a nice accepting way about her.” Betty Kessler, OH.

"Sanna is so patient and with a simple adjustment here and there she helped me change my practice. I was so frustrated with myself. Sanna taught me how to be on my mat." M.T., Pgh

"I love, love your classes. You teach us interesting things and help us remember we have options and can do any pose in whole or part. And I apply that principle in my life too!" L. L., Pgh, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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