Mental Conditioning for Optimal Performance

Have you plateaued in your performance or feel as if you are continually making the same mistakes or failing at test taking even though you have studied for days for an exam?

The development of effort and discipline is an inside job because no one can make you perform in the way you want to perform. Passing an exam or breaking through blocks and slump requires a commitment and vigilant practice in order to hard wire the new mindset into the body.

If you are not achieving and you find yourself doing the same things over and over again or think too negatively of yourself, you will more than likely achieve the same outcomes of the past that create your future. All you have to do is look back a month or two an see your future today.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are in a slump or have not done well repeatedly.
  • You, at one time, performed well but something changed or happened. 
  • You try to relax and be positive, but you can't.
  • You work hard but complain, have a negative attitude and low-esteem.
  • You keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
  • You think like a loser and already see the loss before the game begins.
  • You do not take care of yourself. Little sleep. Bad food. D/A problems.

If this describes you and you don't know what to do, have you considered that...

Performance effort is an inside job!

If Performance is 90% Mental, Why Haven't You Been Trained?

Performance is comprised of two efforts that are determined by your internal traits or quality. The effort we take to build the skill set we desire, which includes training, coaching or study, and also the effort of putting the skill set we have developed into execution.

Performing at your highest potential can be thwarted for many reasons that keep you undermining your optimal level of ability.

Doing well, in most cases, is not an inborn or natural ability.

You have witnessed time and time again a nail-biting upset or an artist performance that surprised everyone. It is often said that the one with the most solid effort and mental conditioning will power through to the end, barring a misfortune.

Unless you strengthen the mental muscle and build certain qualities, you risk performing the same way over and over again. 

Your coach and trainers may not have the skill set, knowledge or tools to assist you. If you want to do your best, you need to discover your own internal approach to allowing your best. 

You can have high achievement when:

  • your intentions are driving your behaviors 
  • your actions are the same as your thoughts and
  • your mind and body are one.

The study of the bain, or neuroscience, has proven that we can change the brain, now known as neuroplasticity. When you change how you think, you change your mind. Included are attitudes, images, thinking, which ultimately, change your behaviors.

When you purposefully change your thinking and believing through mental rehearsal, clearing away trauma, failures, and blocks, and subsequently developing new skills sets, you (and the brain) begin an elevated search for a new reality.

A one-point focus sets in motion a new lens through which you have now become a creator or your life. REMEMBER, your brain does not know if you are imagining or engaged with the activity in real time. Learning new mental skills, building a hungry effort and repeating the mind-body synchronicity creates the synaptic connections that change the brain and propel your forward.

Four Month Slump to 8th Place All-American!

The Problem: S., a 5th-year collegiate wrestler, called requesting a hypnosis session because he was leaving in a few days for the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Competition

He explained that he had not won a match in four-five months and wanted to do his best. 

The Core Healing Initiative

S.'s mood was low when he arrived for the session on Tuesday morning. He walked in slumped over, defeated, and showed little energy. He informed me that he was leaving in the morning for Nationals and he wanted to give it his best shot since he was graduating in May. He said it might be hopeless but he wanted to try.

His history revealed four-five months of straight losses and a deep sense of personal failure and shame. He reported that he had two knee surgeries that set him back in the last two years. He had become tense in talking about his injury.

First, using EFT we cleared his sense of failure and the experiences surrounding the matches that resulted in losses. This freed up, what he referred to, as 'space,' inside of himself.

Next, we journeyed into the experience of his performance, what occurred before, during, and after his matches.    

  • Did he learn mental skills? "No."
  • Did he know how to clear his mind and shift his focus? "No." 
  • Was he in a game on state prior to his match? "No."

He discovered an intense, self-protective focus on his knees. I explained that this approach cost him - his intuition, automatic performance states, and his power. Using Neuro-linguistic programming techniques, hypnosis, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) I integrated his body so he could approach his opponent whole bodied.

He learned breath work, mental rehearsal techniques, and EFT to prepare for performance, keep his head clear, and ways to power up using his breath. He had been a winning a talented wrestler prior to the losing streak.

He left the session growling "I dominate."

A few days later I received an email from his uncle who wrote "... His win... I suspect had something to do with you..."

According to his Uncle, S. wrestled like he was on autopilot but had to withdraw from the final match due to a concussion. He could not advance any further than 8th place because of the injury. Read the full note from his uncle at the bottom of this page.

When I spoke with S., he told me that he used everything I taught him. He would run into the bathroom and tap, use his breath to shift his focus, and mentally set his mind to achieve his greatness through 3-D rehearsals and projection. He reignited his effort and was able to relaunch his skill set which was already programmed, but blocked because of emotional distress.

How I Help You

Breaking free of failure, trauma, blocks, and other difficulties occur when you take a look at, not only the pattern and language of the problem but the history too. Performers call me for services after repeat failure with the right approaches can be resolved fairly quickly. 

The Core Healing Initiative I created allows me to expertly work with you and the uniqueness of your struggle. Because the problem and solution reside within the subconscious mind, my role is to facilitate the change, releasing your personal power. I include the following Core Healing Initiative approaches in my work:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique; Precision Hypnotherapy
  • Breath Work and Meditation and Yoga
  • Mental Training and Termination of Slumps and Blocks 
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • NeuroCoching; Heartmath Stress Reduction System
  • Trauma resolution due to injuries and accidents
  • Surgery and recovery empowerment

I have facilitated habit termination and empowerment, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Termination of blocks, slumps, and repeat errors
  • Faster healing and return to routines after injury and surgery
  • Passing professional and academic tests after failure
  • Taught teams mental conditioning strategies and techqniues
  • Athletes, dancers, skaters, performers, speakers, and students of all ages

College Records and All-American Wins ~  Tests Passed ~ Team Positions secured ~ First Place Victories

Of Note: I have been featured in Dance Magazine, Dance Studio Life, Dancer, and Dance Spirit
for my pioneering work with dancers and stage competitors.

Vickie Sheer, Dance Eduacators of America, says "Sanna's wisdom should be heard in every dancer's ear." 

For your 15-minute complimentary call with me,
call 412.344.2272
I will return your call on the same business day!

Private services and classes to
  • Build Confidence and Inner Prowess
  • Clear away failure, errors, and imagery
  • Build performance wellbeing
  • Create productive routines
  • Skill building for on and off the field 
  • Recover faster after an injury or surgery
  • Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition
  • Stepping to Sleep for dancers
    recommended by Dance Magazine
  • Performance Excellence (2 tracks)
  • doTerra Essential Oils
  • Nutritional Frontiers Nutraceuticals
What others say...

Edmund Nelson, Steeler Analyst, endorses Ultimate Sleep!   "I usually think this stuff is hocus pocus, but I actually slept really well with Sanna's Ultimate Sleep program. It is very effective and calming. I felt rested. I don't hear it all the way through because I am sleeping soundly. I endorse Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition as another tool to help improve athletic performance."

From a Four-Month Slump to All-American: "I don't know if you recall that you treated an athlete from Pitt last week. As his uncle, I would like to say THANK YOU!  It's impossible to know exactly what made him come back and perform very well during the NCAA wrestling finals this weekend, but I suspect that it had something to do with you."

"He was a great wrestler, but never had the composure to finish strong at the national finals. Late this season he had been wrestling way below his capability and was on a losing streak. That was not the case this weekend - he wrestled strong and won an "All American" title - 8th in the nation!

The interesting thing is that during his last bout to secure "All American" status, he suffered a concussion early in the round. He kept wrestling like he was on autopilot and eventually got the win after 2 tiebreaker periods. It was really amazing to watch. Unfortunately, the injury forced him to withdraw from the competition so he could not advance any further than 8th. I wanted you to know that I believe you had something to do with his turnaround. Thank you so very much."  Carl H., Pgh.

Stage Panic Terminated: "My daughter, Alice, aspires to dance professionally. She is 13. Last year stage panic hit hard. I found Sanna by googling and saw that she works with dancers! In three sessions, Alice was back in the swing of things and placed 6th in the new age group of 13 - 16-year-olds! It was so great to see her loving dance again." Beth, Pittsburgh

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