Alchemical Hypnotherapy

The Alchemical Hypnotherapy experience at Life Changing Energy Therapies is an extraordinary process for transformation, that is unlike how you have been conditioned to believe about hypnotherpay. Our culture has conditioned you to believe that a 'subject' lies back in a chair, closes the eyes, is fed suggestions and then, is instantly transformed. The hope for an instant 'healing" or a magic wand experience is a fairy tale, and sometimes, it does come true.

What's true: Hypnotherapy has a wide range of theories, applications, practices, and it can help you.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a highly interactive process. Your eyes may be open or close. This method is often often referred to as mindware, or mental technology. The many processes allow the subconscious mind to reveal the problem as it is stored in the body or in the subconscious, to discover its meaning and then, to update mental software. In accordance, to your desires, the problem is integrated into the subconscious as guided by the deep self, life source, soul or spirit. In other words, a part of you knows exactly what you need inorder to achieve your goals. My role it to facilitate the transformation

All sessions are customized to your intended outcomes. Alchemical Hypnotherapy offers no hypnotic scripts. The words come from your high-powered process, my training and intuition and your inner guidance. 

"Alchemy" is an ancient word referring to transformation and uses the metaphor 'changing lead into gold.' In  modern times and practical terms, this work transforms inner conflicts and struggles opening to insight and inner wisdoms. The energy that once bound the mental and physical tension in a holding pattern, i.e., the feeling of being stuck, becomes usable, formidable energy of transformation.

The processes of Alchemical Hypnotherapy is creatively applied to the arts, health, sports and any life challenge you may be facing.

Your Private Alchemical Hypnotherapy Session

Trance Explained: As human beings, we slip in and out of altered mind states all day. In hypnotherapy, different states of consciousness are used. An 'alert or light trance' has been determined to be the most powerful healing place for the transmutation of struggles. You experience trance states every day when you first wake up in the morning or are drifting off to sleep, or are daydreaming.

This lulling experience is similar to the "alert trance" in a session. The main difference is that your mind is laser focused on the "presenting issue."  You remain aware, might see images, experience body sensations, and feel certain emotions. You may also recall aspects of your life that you had forgotten. Keep in mind that memory can be modified and distorted over time.

This is a dialogue-driven approach that calls for direct participation of client and therapist during the sessions. You have recall of the experience. These sessions are approximately 2 hours in length.

The Alchemical Hypnotherapy approach can help with most life issues, but is not limited to:

  • Clear Emotional Blocks and The Feeling of being "Stuck"
  • Heal Traumatic Events
  • Contact Inner Guidance or Self
  • Healing of Childhood Stresses
  • Understand Stress Patterns
  • Re-evaluate Thought Patterns and Beliefs
  • Reduce Physical Pain and Tension
  • Communicate with the Energetic Body
  • End Self-Sabotage
  • Improve Personal Health or to Understand an Illness
  • Enhance Atheltic or Artistic Performance and more...

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