Medical Trauma, Surgery and Recovery Empowerment

Medical stress is largely ignored and dismissed in the wake or aftermath of a diagnosis, infection, injury, procedure, surgery or medical trauma. The literature is clear that stress, which includes fear, negative thoughts, worry, pain, and destructive habits, impacts immune strength, disease progression, surgery and recovery outcomes, and speed of healing leaving you vulnerable to pain and infection.

Does this describe you?

  • You have an upcoming surgery and feel very scared but are putting up a strong front.
  • You still feel upset about an experience you had with a procedure.
  • You have been delaying a surgery, know you need to have it and feel scared to schedule it.
  • You can't get the picture of the injury out of your mind.
  • You have a certain reaction every time you have surgery.
  • You feel stressed and worry because of an illness or condition.
  • You had surgery and still feel stressed about it.

Stress slows your recovery, the very experience you fear.

You can learn how to manage without side effects!

Illness and wounds have value to us and direct the course of healing.

Harvard University research reveals that deeper states of mind reconditioned with specific beliefs for pre- and post-op recovery, pain reduction, and illness management can improve or defer prognosis. Individuals who receive pre-op hypnosis had better outcomes than those patients who were given medical information about the surgery.

Life Changing Energy Therapies helps you establish a stronghold of effective strategies, ways of thinking and behaving, to manage health-related stress through a variety of services and products, especially for surgery and recovery empowerment 

We suffer needlessly.

Surgery brings up a wide variety of fears. Putting forth a strong front or an "I'm ok." attitude may project confident to others but the body-mind intelligence senses the undercurrent of emotion that is not verbalized. This can impact surgical outcomes because of the tension held in the body.

When stressed or upset, patients are often prescribed additional medications in lieu of effective solutions to reset the nervous system, clear the mind, and calm the body. You may already have medications for a condition or pain, and you may be prescribed additional meds for pain, complications or infections after the surgery. Although we are only five percent of the world's population, we consume 75% of the pharmaceuticals produced and medications are overprescribed.

Relying solely on medications and not assuming a proactive stance in your recovery, puts you at risk for slowing up the healing process. 

You want to go to surgery strong, clear-headed, and trusting the medical team to do their work. Your work is to surrender to the process, heal and return to your life as best as you can.

You have choices and options. 

When surgery is scheduled or diagnosis occurs, an individual's focus can easily shift to the dogma of the diagnosis, the related prescribed prognosis, and the personality of the medical doctor and staff resulting in a loss of self and hope. 

When the body is injured, ill or incised due to surgery the mind is NOT a separate entity. The human body is an energetic system that is highly responsive and sensitive to how you think and your stress levels.

There is no condition from which an individual has not recovered.

All healing is self-healing, as Bob Schwartz, Ph.D., ACEP Director reminds us at the ACEP keynote address in January 2019. A fracture doesn't heal because of the splint and disease remissions from placebo are clear examples of self-healing potential and the power of the mind.

The current research supports that healing occurs from the outside in, meaning the mental energy or tensions you produce makes a difference and are expressed in the body.

The mind can easily fill with images of bleeding wounds and 'lemon-sized' tumors followed by hopelessness and despair - If it is true that negative thoughts and images create stress in the body...

Then the reverse must also be true - positive, empowering thoughts and images strengthen the body for optimal recovery and well-being.

Health stresses, although not limited to these circumstances, can be assisted with the processes that you experience at Life Changing Energy Therapies: 

  • A recent diagnosis,
  • Upcoming surgery or medical procedure, surgery trauma, (adults and children)
  • Illness patterns in the family,
  • Medical trauma, childhood illnesses, and
  • Recovery in physical therapy, after accidents or injuries, especially with athletics.


"You have Less Than a 10% Chance of Surviving"

The Problem: Will was an 86-year-old retired professor who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. He was scheduled for surgery about three weeks after our first appointment.

He was referred to me by his daughter because he was highly distressed by what the doctor said to him - "If you survive the surgery, and btw, you have less than a ten percent chance of surviving, the treatments will be excruciatingly painful."

His daughter knew of my work with medical issues and surgery empowerment and brought him in for services.

Alive Against All Odds

Alive Against All Odds

The Core Healing Initiative

Will was very distraught, and in tears, as he told the story of his experience with the surgeon. 

I looked at him and very slowly re-minded him,

"You.. are... alive, Will. And how long you live is between you and God."

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique, hypnosis, and Neurolinguistic programming, I erased the mental imprint of the surgeons' scowling image and the gruff voice reporting his doom.

Although the surgeon's reputation was stellar, his bedside manner was sorely lacking. At times, a lack of relational skills and compassion are a trade-off for expertise, however, poor bedside manner can affect one's confidence before surgery. You want to surround yourself with a life-affirming medical team.

After processing Will was noticeably calmer, and with an assured voice, he said, "I'm not letting him tell me when I can die. I'll die on my terms."

Because he was a retired professor, I used his love of research and teaching to craft a powerful, guided approach to communicate with his energetic, subconscious body. I taught him strategies to use during the treatment phase of his recovery and highly recommended that he keep himself in an altered state throughout his recovery by using the Empowered for Surgery audio and the custom audio I created for him.

Will left confident and ready to move through the surgery with strength and in his power.

The Result?


The surgeon was surprised that he survived and his comment during the post-op visit, "I didn't think you would make it!"  did not phase Will.

During his treatments, the medical staff and physicians pestered him with questions like, "Aren't you hurting? Most patients are screaming and crying by now... Don't you feel that? Do you need medication?"

Finally, he turned to them and said, "Please leave me the hell alone!"

Will continued to listen to his audio programs and recovered from the surgery quickly. Sadly, Will died six months later... on his own terms. (while listening to the audio I created for him... that's a story for another day!)

How I help:

Discovering the power to engage your mind-body system as related to health and wellbeing is life-changing, especially when one is confronted with an illness, accident, injury or surgery.

A tense focus on pain increases pain and slows progress.

Taking charge of the mind creates manageability to return you to routines faster than usual.

The Core Healing Initiative I created allows me to expertly help you navigate this power of the subconscious mind and the direct influence you can have over your health and current condition. The processes I facilitate are guided by you, meaning because of your uniqueness, your history, and goals. The processes I use can include:

Here's are examples of who I helped and for what circumstances:

  • Brain, heart, bowel, knee, back surgeries
  • Procedures of all kinds (Sugarbaker Procedure, MRI fears)
  • Phobias (needle, blood draws)
  • Children: surgery and procedures
  • Surgery and recovery (athletes included)
  • Physical Therapy Enhancement
  • Pain Management

Stanford University research and my clients report these outcomes:

Less pain, less medication, less fatigue, less stress, less nausea, greater agency, more clarity, a deeper conviction for recovery, faster recovery. 

For your 15-minute complimentary call with me,
call 412.344.2272
I will return your call on the same business day!

Private Sessions:
  • To Speed Up Recovery
  • To Build Wellbeing and Emotional Growth
  • To Go To Surgery Empowered
  • To Terminate Medical Trauma that Occurred
  • To Cope with and Manage Illness

Additional Services and Products: 



This work does not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions.


Debilitating Sciatica and An Accordion: "You made quite an impression on my parents, and even my sister, Ashley.  They were absolutely STUNNED at how you helped him (Dad) Monday night. I was ecstatic to hear about it. Ashley texted me "I already like this lady" about 3 minutes after you arrived." J.G., Washington, PA (Dad played 6 songs on accordion after the session. Had not played in over a month)

3 Vertebra Back Fusion Success! "My 72-year-old father-in-law showed no sign of anxiety or stress before a 3 fusion back surgery. In previous surgeries, he exhibited acute distress and anxiety. According to the surgeon, because his success was so extraordinary, he went home 2 days early. Sanna's custom CD made the difference. Amazing." Jesse Petrella, a previous nonbeliever in mind as medicine, Atlanta

Empowered for Sugarbaker Surgery for Cancer: "When we talk about Sanna Carapellotti in my house, we all agree she is no nonsense at helping you work through issues. She gets the job done. In the end, we were all better."  T.M., Utah

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