Preparing for your Coaching Consult

The Coaching Consult follows the initial Core Healing Initiative and focuses on the previous session.

You may report unexpected life changes, updates on how you feel, and new perspectives regarding the issues you processed, and the next healing steps. This consult can be a continuation of processing, a simple discussion, or a question and answer session. The process of healing is best as a flowing, in-the-moment experience.

1. When a consult is scheduled, tell me if you prefer phone or ZOOM.

    PHONE: YOU WILL CALL 412-344-2272 at the exact time of your appointment. I will be in my office ready for you. You will have my full attention, so I do not answer other calls or respond to emails during your prepaid session. 

ZOOM: I will send you a Zoom link to click at the time of the appointment. Make sure the audio and video are turned on. ZOOM will prompt you to check if this is your first zoom experience or settings have changed.

2. If you call me after the start time, I can only guarantee the allotted time. I understand that 'things' happen, however, remember you paid for, and agreed to, this professional time. 

3. If a minor child (14 - 18) is scheduled for service, a parent or guardian will have signed a 'consent to work with child form' at the time of the Transformational Initiative.

The teen's session is private and parents may not sit in. Recommendations will be offered to a parent after the session for an additional fee. Phone sessions are not appropriate for children younger than 14 and certain situations require an in-person, rather than a virtual session.

4. At the time of your appointment, turn off the pings and rings of your cell phone, TV, computer, and iPad. There are no exceptions. If you answer a call or respond to a text, the session is over. 

5. Advise family members that you are taking private time and are not to be disturbed.

6. Preparing yourself for your session

  • Choose a room with a door you can close if other people are at home.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair, couch, or bed.
  • Have a beverage and box of kleenex available.
  • Have a pen and paper available for note-taking. I may send a few notes, depending on what we do.
  • You can play soft music in the background or light a candle.

7. As we begin, share updates, such as, how your life has changed and what has occurred or not occurred. As you consider the presenting problem that prompted services, how do the issues feel to you now? We can review any strategies and do additional work. Keep the focus on the presenting issue. 

===> Before you call me, close the door, sit quietly for a few moments to focus on what you want to accomplish. We will discuss the possibility of additional services if needed.

At the appointment time, call me at 412-344-2272 or click the ZOOM link.

Thank You! I look forward to our time together and am honored to assist you.

Sanna Carapellotti, M.S., Cht
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