Two Restorative Poses When You Need To Turn Inward
These two restorative yoga poses are perfect when you need to turn away from the world or just need to collect yourself. You can select one or both, and spend a few minutes discovering the power of breath and going Face Down.
General Instructions for child and crocodile pose:
1. Settle into either child's or crocodile pose, using props if necessary (see above photo). Close your eyes if you can.
2. Turn your attention to your breath and after a few cycles of breath, begin to deepen each inhale and exhale by counting to 4, then 5, and then 6. And stay at a 6 count.
3. Let the breath settle again and rest into the pose. Get up slowly when you're ready.
If you need a yoga boost or want to experience a beginner private, contact me and we'll do it!


Child's Pose (Balasana)
Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

1. Kneel on the floor (on blankets if your knees hurt). Touch big toes together and if you can separate the knees as wide as the hips.

2. BREATHE OUT and lay the torso down on the thighs or let it drop in between the thighs. Make adjustments.

3. Slide your hands on the floor toward the wall in front of you... let your arms extend long and rest alongside the side of the head on the floor... or you can reach your fingers back toward the toes and let the arms rest on the floor along the side body.

4. Settle in. 

OPTIONS: Place a rolled towel between thighs and calves for support. You can also rest your forehead on a pillow or yoga block. You can also rest your torso on a pillow that you place on the thighs before you lay the torso down to the thighs.


1. Lay on your belly and bend the elbows. Either stack the forearms and lay them on the floor parallel to each other. REST YOUR FOREHEAD on the forearms.

2. Let the legs extend long on the floor about hip-width distance apart. Let the heels turn out and legs roll open.

3. Breathe deeply, pressing the belly into the floor with each inhalation. With each exhalation let the body relax down to the floor.

4. Turn inward, away from the world., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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