Stop Eating Junk Food!

Have you surrendered your power to candy, pastries, and chips?

Does this describe your life?

  • You overeat junk food and can't stop after the first bite.
  • You have to have your fixes at a certain time every day.
  • You believe that your willpower stinks.
  • You drink alcohol to reduce the sugar binges.
  • You worry about feeling left out while others eat what they want.
  • You hope for the best, that it will change, but still can't control yourself.
  • You sneak a second piece of cake and hope no one sees you eating it.

If this sounds like you and you feel overwhelmed, like crap, and have failed to stop this vicious cycle, have you ever considered that...'s not all your fault?

Could there be other factors you don't realize that are influencing your junk food intake?

WARNING: Junk Food Alert ==> You are hooked for profit!

An intense research effort in the food industry is committed to luring you emotionally, and addicting you biologically, to sugar, salt, fat, and synthetics. At the major food manufacturers, neurologists are hired to gauge the right amount of sugar bliss response in your brain. Not too sweet, not too bland.

The just-right sweetness hooks you for profit and your ultimate doom.

The food manufacturing industry is not your nutritionist.

The mass-produced, synthetic ingredients of junk foods are known contributors to overeating, pain, illnesses, and obesity. You know this because you are living this struggle.

They want you to believe it's your fault, that you are weak, and that you have no control.

The guilt you feel has the opposite effect, driving you to purchase and consume more synthetic foods.

You cannot have vibrant wellbeing
when you consume junk food on a regular basis.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine: “(Junk Food) Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry. (Natural Science Newsletter; June 26, 2015)

When rats are fed sugar, the changes in the brain and body are similar to narcotic addiction.

There is a strong correlation between how junk food is manufactured and the manipulated effect various sugars and chemicals have on your brain. 

When you are stressed, the reach for the bowl of ice cream starts out with a blinding naivete, that is, that you can easily and temporarily quell your emotional needs and distress when you consume sugar, salt, and fats. And then, you can stop.

The melty feel of the ice cream soothes and relaxes you every night and you look forward to it.

Nine years later, every night, you still eat ice cream without thinking. 

Junk food is designed to temporarily relieve your pain. 

The repeated splurge and emotional release are programmed into the subconscious mind. The processes I use work within your subconscious mind to release you from the downward spiral of junk food so you can achieve your goals! 

Clients who have processed the over-consumed foods, which included, but are not limited to, ice cream, soda, and even fried chicken, report that they have not had any desire for the food they processed with me nor have they eaten any, some since 2007.

Are You Eating your Grief?

The Problem: Angelo ate a pound of pasta several times a week. A recent Diabetes diagnosis prompted him to take a look at his pasta intake.

He described his pasta binging as a special love. In the past, behavioral modification, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medications failed to stop his desire to binge on spaghetti.


The Core healing Initiative

I placed the bowl of pasta I asked him to bring at the far end of the room and asked him this question - Do you want to stop eating pasta altogether or manage the portion size?

With hesitation, he stated that he wanted to manage the portion size and not have to eat it.

I gently shifted his attention to the pasta and he started to fidget and nervously sweat. He stated that he was afraid to let it go and yet felt worried about his health.

After one round of Core Healing Initiative, he broke down into tears.

He told me that, when he was a child, he and his Italian grandmother made fresh pasta every Sunday. When she died suddenly, he was 11 years old. He wasn't allowed to attend the viewing and no one talked to him about his loss or how she died. 

We processed his unresolved grief and then continued to nullify all mental and physical responses he experienced related to the pasta. After several rounds of Core Healing Initiative processes, he no longer needed or wanted to eat the pasta.

I recalled his desire to be able to enjoy a small portion. I created a satisfying experience for him to honor the love he had for his grandmother first through simple meditation practice. Then, he would serve himself a measured portion.

In this way, he was able to take her and his fond memories of the times they shared into his heart, and enjoy a  portion size of pasta that was within the nutritional guidelines prescribed by his medical doctor.

The Results: He reported 3 months later that he had not binged on pasta and as a result, he lost 18 lbs.

Why Traditional Methods Fail

You've tried talking about this sweets problem to anyone who will listen and, like many of us, pretending you can avoid junk food until you are licorice red in the face. 

There are other factors that are usually ignored and dismissed when it comes to changing food habits. Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Was there a childhood dinner table trauma when you grew up? Read Healing the Family Table here.
  • What is the life event related to eating junk food? You may not realize the connection.
  • Do you have a history of childhood trauma? Junk food can be a source of trauma relief.
  • In your best guess, what is your greatest fear if you remove food as a major coping device?
  • Why do you think you started 'liking sweets' more at a certain age?

The subconscious mind holds all of your life and is the key to freeing you from the entrapment.

The truth is that teaching you to eat right or telling you to stop eating junk food will not heal or change anything about your relationship with food. No professional diet program looks at your life and what happened to you. No diet program looks at the subconscious mind.

When there is emotional wounding, the consequences are life-long until you do something about it. 

Vincent Felletti, MD, discovered in the 1980s that his patients would gain all their weight back within a few months or years. After careful review, he discovered that unresolved trauma was the driving force behind overeating, junk food management, bad habits, and poor food choices.

Body tensions can be so intense that they cause you to reach for bad food to release feel-good hormones.

Does this sound like you?

Diet Soda Addiction Terminated

The Problem: Lisa, a 19-year-old college student, consumed four to six diet sodas every day.

She couldn't go a day without her diet soda. She committed to terminating the soda addiction completely.

The Core Healing Initiative

Lisa carried her 6-pack of diet soda to her session. 

Lisa and I processed through every aspect of the diet soda experience beginning with the physical urges she felt including the downward spiral that prompted her to reach for another soda can.

In a subconscious dialogue with her body, she realized that the muscle cramping, de-mineralizing of her teeth, and slight tremors she felt frequently were early signs of concern.

Connecting to this deep intelligence motivated her to stop the habit permanently.

At the end of the session, she confirmed that she was completely 'over it' and had no more desire for the diet soda. I invited her to take a small sip of the soda.

She was hesitant and grew worried that if she tasted it, she might feel overwhelmed. 

She slurped the diet soda and held the syrupy liquid in her mouth for a few seconds. I watched her face cringe and she immediately spat the soda into a nearby trash can.

She said, "Oh my God, it burned my mouth!!! And I could taste all the chemicals! Yuck!" 

The Results: She has not had a diet soda since 2012. I run into her from time to time and she loves to tell me that she is diet soda free!

How I Help You:

Breaking free of these cycles of despair is easier than you think because of my training and experience, coupled overcoming my own destructive sugar addiction, I am confident that you will feel stronger, more in charge, and maybe even be over it after experiencing these processes.

The Core Healing Initiative I created allows me to expertly work with you within the subconscious mind and the uniqueness of your issue with junk food. Within the Core Healing Experience, because it is guided by you, you experience a blend of many different modalities, which can include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique; Precision Hypnotherapy
  • Childhood Table Trauma Constellations (my creation)
  • HypnoDining: The Mindless Eating Course (my creation)
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Precision Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery
  • NeuroCoaching, Mindfulness, and Breath Work
  • Core Healing Initiative

I facilitate the reduction or termination of all kinds of foods from cakes and ice cream to candy and fried chicken. Here are a few for your review.

  • Termination of a 35-year diet soda addiction
  • Cessation of a daily fast food burger addiction
  • Melted a nightly ice cream indulgence
  • Eliminated a daily Ho-Ho's binge (5 packages)
  • Stopped a weekly four to five potato chips bag binge, and more.

For your 15-minute complimentary call with me,
call 412.344.2272
I will return your call on the same business day!


Private sessions and classes to:
  • Stop Soda Addiction
  • Curb Stress Eating
  • Quiet Childhood Table Trauma
  • Stop Binge Eating
  • Relieve Junk Food Struggles
  • Stick to a Healthier Food Plan
Services, Classes and Products
  • Privates, coaching support (skype)
  • Stop Junk Food Termination Class
  • Childhood Table Trauma Constellations
  • Nutraceuticals for Junk Food Control
  • Time to Lose Weight (3 tracks) or Collection (12 tracks)
  • doTerra Essential Oils
What others say...

Daily 384 oz. Diet Soda Habit Busted! 
"I nursed almost 400 ounces of Diet Soda every day. Using Hypnotherapy and EFT, Sanna helped me stop drinking the poison permanently. It has been 5 months, AND NO CRAVING AT ALL! I thought I was healthy because I was slender. WRONG! I am HEALTHIER now. THANK YOU!!!" Wayne B., Pittsburgh

Childhood Table Trauma Cleared!
"Food fights, drunkenness, and arguing at the dinner table were an everyday thing when I was a kid. I would just stuff myself with food hoping to not hear the screaming matches. Sanna literally cleared the table of this stress and I stopped eating their anger! It was really cool! Now I can eat in peace!" Lill D., Harrisburg.

Cake and Coke Addiction Busted!
"As Sanna requested, I brought the cake and Coke I was addicted to. Honestly, this made me nervous because I had no idea what we were going to do. Sanna is a master at slicing (no pun intended) through the experience that brought me to the core cause and finally, the termination of the habit. It was fascinating. I was done! No desire; no craving. I also lost weight. Go figure. Best session and very enlightening!" B. A. S., Pittsburgh

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