Everyone's Stress is Unique and Different

What is painful for one person can be thrilling for the next. Because of this difference, as a facilitator, I must step back with the client to catch a glimpse into, not only their symptoms, but the uniqueness of there life. The recovery process, healing approach, and possible solutions vary from individual to individual.

Transforming stress requires a proactive approach, which includes healing, a change of mind, and specific actions. Because stress is perception, reducing and sustaining a great er sense of calm is within your charge.

Stress and anxiety, a modern day affliction, contribute to

===> Illnesses, failure, accidents, loss of memory, attachment difficulties, loss of productivity, the decline in mental and physical health, and absenteeism at work. Do you know the risk for a sudden heart attack is 40 percent higher when stress is unmanaged?

Prolonged Stress Affects All Aspects of Your Life.

Although we know that stress is a modern-day killer, we do little to adjust our lifestyles, heal our wounds, or take steps to manage our perceptions. After receiving a diagnosis, we still do not commit to lifestyle changes or follow medical recommendations.

Does this describe you?

  • You are preoccupied and emotionally 'hot' tempered or avoidant.
  • You do not sleep and eat poorly.
  • Your mind races constantly, you are forgetful and clumsy.
  • You catch colds easily, feel sluggish, and have digestive problems.
  • You lived stressed as a child and have many traumas.
  • Everything stresses you, even small things. You are a complainer.
  • You feel alone, isolated, and irritated more than you would like.

Stress is everything and anything... and there are solutions.

We Become Blinded to Stress and How It Directs Our Lives

Many people do not realize the level of stress they have. Habits and behaviors protect you from feeling the of stress and avoiding aspects of your life that are painful for any reason.

Do you use alcohol, drugs, shopping, gaming, or the phone to quickly distract and self-protect from the pains you feel and do not want to feel? Of course, we want to avoid pain, yet the numbing effect of our lifestyle choices guarantees that we will suffer the consequences of being stressed and also the effects of the stress we seek to avoid and certainly don't want.

We suffer needlessly.

The imbalance of the stress experience can lead to unlimited physical problems, from aches and pains to frequent colds to cancer, and emotional and cognitive problems, from being scattered to raging thoughts to anxiety and depression. Your relationship to yourself and others will be affected,

There are literally 1000's of stress symptoms, including stressing about being stressed. 

Rate your stress from 1- 10. (10 is a very high rating). If you are normally between the numbers of five and eight, any experience that you react to will increase anxiety, make breathing difficult, and accumulate body tension. 

What symptoms do you have? You may not realize the symptoms and hurts you have are related to stress, how you are thinking, your habits and behaviors.

 You have choices and options in which to reset your life. 

The experience of being stressed is very personal. What you believe about life challenges or inconveniences and how you responded to the events -- your beliefs, inner resources, and external support system, will determine how well you cope with life shocks when they occur in the future. It varying from situation to situation.

If you have struggled with commitment in relationships, you may have experienced early life separation. If you have a history of neglect and abuse, you may feel sensitive to, or worry about, not having enough or benign threat. If you have depression, you have noticed that you are depressed like another family member. 

We are conditioned by family and culture on what is considered to be stress and how to behave if we are to stress at all. Example: Mom is afraid of storms; children can learn to become afraid of storms.

All Symptoms of Stress Are Related!

Discomfort, pain or changes that affect health, mind and emotions, habits and behaviors, career and lifestyle that influences your well-being.

Symptoms vary from person to person and are dependent on many factors -- mental conditioning, personal resources, culture, inherited family stresses, lifestyle demands, and the health of your mind/body. 

Research at Stanford reports that if we believe that stress is negative, it does affect the heart and immunity -- more so than if we allow the emotions and then take the appropriate actions to deal with them.

People report the same amount of stressors, but the people who had more casual beliefs that the stress will pass, that they can take an action, or that challenge is a part of life, had reduced heart damage and other damaging influences to the body.

Dramatic and unwanted shifts in life can appear suddenly and can be confusing because we want life to always be going well. Current stressors can awaken old feelings and patterns and you feel added psychological, physical and environmental stress in your life all over again. 

Not to be ignored, generational stress and trauma can surface during critical milestones, transitions, ages or events, and have a profound effect on your life whether you want to realize the connection or not. Some stressors are repeat burdens of the family ancestry.

Current Stress

Financial losses
Grief, Loss, Separation
"Giving too much"
Anxiety & Depression
Accidents & Trauma  
Relational Conflicts
Nervous, Irritable, Moody

Childhood Stress

Abuse of all kinds
Neglect & Absent Parents
Mentally Illness in Family
Tragic deaths & Mother Loss
Early Mother-Child Separation
Traumatized Family
Childhood Illness/Surgeries

Inherited Stress

Career Struggles
Financial Loss
Tragic Deaths: Accidents, Suicide
Addictions and Unhealthy LifeStyles
Abuse, Was Experiences 
Rejected Family members
Illnesses Patterns


How I Help:

You have the capacity to cope and manage any life stress of the past, present, and future. Realizing that you have the strength to resource your struggles can change your life.

What if you could heal past hurts, learn effective, science-based tools, and discover a new charge as life occurs?  My clients arrive stressed, have anxiety and depression and leave with having resolved the issues, in whole or part, and with tools that can be applied anywhere, at any time.

The Core Healing Initiative I created allows me to expertly help you navigate this power of the subconscious mind and the direct influence you can have over your lifestyle and health. The processes I facilitate are guided by you, due to your uniqueness, your history, and goals. The processes I use can include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique; Precision Hypnotherapy
  • HeartMath Stress Reduction Systems
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Guided Imagery 
  • Time to Live Stress-Free audio: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/SannaCarapellottiMsCht
  • NeuroCoaching and Mindfulness
  • Yoga, Breath Work, and Meditation

Here are examples of situations I have helped individuals with:

  • Grief: Grandmother who felt responsible for the grandson's tragic death
  • Career Struggles: Executive discord with the higher-up administration
  • Accidents & Trauma: Child hit by a car who was in great distress
  • Childhood Stress and Abuse: Male who experienced sexual abuse by a priest.
  • Birth Trauma: Man with attachment issues who was in ICU at birth. 
  • Relationship Struggles: Woman who had serial affairs, stopped and returned to husband's love.
  • Money Stress: Entrepreneur who could not make ends meet - Grandfather literally lost the farm.
  • Inherited Stress and Trauma: Domestic violence occurred in four generations of L's family. 

There is no experience that does not offer a lesson or new perspectives. 


Private Sessions

To Restore Your Strength
To Understand the Influences and Heal Your Life
To Discover How to Sustain Wellbeing
To Terminate Triggers and Increase Awareness
To Establish Researched & Effective Stress Reduction

Classes and Retreats 
~ HeartMath Stress Resiliency for Families
~ From Hurt to Healed Immersive Weekend Retreat  
 Get on the I NEED TO KNOW LIST Here!
~ Corporate Yoga and Stress Reduction
~ Opening Healing - TBA 


Products to Assist You

Guided Audio programs
        Time to Live Stress-Free (Click here to purchase)
        Time to Sleep All Night (Click here to purchase

Pure, Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils 

Nutritional Frontiers Nutraceuticals: 


Mother-child Relationship: “Awesome, Sanna.  It's always a blessing to work with you--even to be in your presence. Thank you!” Bonnie B., Pittsburgh

War Veteran: “Bless you for the useful inspiration you share. I don’t know how to thank you, other than by living my life.”  John S., NY

Wife Terminally Ill with Cancer: “Sanna, thank you. You have helped me more than you will ever know. Your help brought us back together so that we get through these past few terrible months. I am eternally gratefully to you.” David H., Pittsburgh

Read more testimonials here...

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