Created by Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt

Created by Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt

Resuming in 2018!
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We all have secret pain...

Leading brain and trauma researcher, Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., reports that by the age of 35, most people have experienced at least four traumas in their lifetimes, and most suffer unnecessarily seeking help with approaches that are ineffective.

When I was 13, my mother died suddenly - days after giving birth to my youngest brother. I believed that I'd killed her because I had recurrent dreams for 6-months that she had died and I never shared these nightmares with anyone. That belief obviously had no external point of reference. With nobody to help me clarify the thought and the shocking effect this event had on my being, I buried this experience for nearly two decades and did not shed a tear or experience grief for years.

A trauma of enormous magnitude cannot be buried in the subconscious
without long-term, life-changing consequences.

Most people - especially if they were children at the time of a traumatic event, are not equipped with the resources or the skills to manage the impact of trauma, and may not have an adequate support system. Adults can assume that children are ok because they are not exhibiting symptoms directly realted to trauma. They respond differently.

We all do the best we can - the amazing mind offers temporary solutions - such as dissociation, but through time the brain shifts impacting our inner ecology and our lives, and can create deep-seeded issues we do not realize are related to the trauma we experienced in years past. We can spiral in a loop of despair never achieving a sense of wellbeing.

Everyone suggests you get over it; to let it go or nervously hope you are ok. You also want to get over it, to get your life back and yet, do not know what to do or where to go.

In seeking help for trauma, one assumes that traditional methods of healing or therapies are the solution. The research shows otherwise. Out of frustration and a true desire to feel better, you resort to common ways of coping:

         ~ You avoid talking about it because it's too painful
         ~ You replay it over and over again in your head, hoping to somehow "figure it out" or "fix it"
         ~ You try therapy or counseling, but it's still there
         ~ You smile and tell everyone you're fine, but you're not
         ~ You try drugs, alcohol or medications, and it hurts more

You may have tried these solutions, only to be let down - repeatedly - when the outcomes lead you nowhere. Perhaps you've experienced some relief from your issue but for others, they continue to recycle through the traditional therapies because - like a hamster on a spinning wheel in a cage - they just have no idea what else to do. In this course, you will experience and learn the most powerful approaches for healing current life, future challenges and even inherited trauma.

It is important for you to know that there are certain researched modalities known for their effectiveness when coping with life's struggles and traumas, and research has inspired us to rethink stress.

When you're ready, you can put it to rest!
These are traumas and upsets I have helped others with:

              • MIlitary deployment stress
              • Hurricane Katerina/Harvey trauma
              • Medical traumas and mistreatment
              • Sudden/Tragic death of a loved one
              • Relationship conflicts and Betrayals
              • Childhood trauma and stress
              • Major life changes
              • Accidents, injuries or assault wounds
              • Any kind of victimization

If you are continually reliving painful events from your past and your life has been effected, you can learn to reduce or even terminate the distress by changing your brain, installing new ways for integrating stress.


In this 6-weeks course, Wisdom Within the Wound™, I will guide you through powerful, brain changing and life empowering processes that will allow you to take charge of your own healing. No, you can never get your old life back, but you can develop an updated experience of wellbeing and happiness, and put the upset behind you! 


Sessions include:

              1) 12.5 hours of training, education and processing work

              2) Mind/Guide booklet with cutting-edge techniques to help you cope with any life challenge

              3) My newest Sacred Journey audio, "The Healing Heart"

              4) A 30-minute consultation with me, if you sign up before September 12th. (Set up after week 3)

Wisdom Within the Wound™ is an experiential and educational course designed to resolve yesterday's upsets and to prepare for tomorrow's. Addressing hidden issues will open your eyes to understanding why you have not been able to let go of certain upsets or traumas that occurred years ago. These are an expanded version of the tools I use in my private work and the classes I teach. This approach is referred to as the- Core Healing Initiative™.

In this course, you do not need to share your experience. However, because you will engage in techniques to help yourself process the events that shaped your current trauma memory experience, I may invite you to share what you are experiencing as an important step toward transformation. 

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You'll want to attend this course if you:           

            • Experienced a trauma or upset you cannot get over, and you've tried and tried
            • Are interested in having tools at your fingertips to help yourself, family and friends, because you worry about when the shoe is going to drop again
            • Are ready to move on with your life...                     


What you will experience:

  1. Trauma Tapping and Desensitization Technique
  2. The creation of safety and building of strength exercises
  3. Understanding and taking charge of the menacing, dark side of the inner child process
  4. The epigenetic family tree: inherited trauma and life lines
  5. Understanding how upsets and trauma change your brain, and how to cool the limbic system
  6. The force of the family trance and conditioning; why you can't let go, and how to find the wisdom within the wound that allows you to release the pain
  7. Potent researched brain and healing strategies for healing upsets and trauma and those I have created from 25+ years of clinical experience. My approach is the Core Healing Inititative.
What past attendees say:

"I emerged from the session with zero emotional reactivity around the trauma I set out to heal. I also experienced a deep secondary (and unexpected) healing of a childhood wound. The shift of this trauma was the catalyst for making a HUGE life change and freeing myself to go deeper into my own healing work." Angela B. assaulted by boyfriend

"I've been to therapy, a priest and counseling with no effect. Nothing touched the pain of the assault like your work. I thank you and now, I can live well. Bless you." Cecil M., skype course in Canada

"You provided very user-friendly tools on how to approach any event that negatively affects our lives. I am better." Karen, an employee at a medical clinic where the staff was assaulted.

"THANK YOU! The incident is a faded memory with no activation now." D., alcohol-induced rape by a coach

The enrollment for this course is full. Get wait listed here!

Course information:
Dates, Times and Place:

Resuming in early 2018

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